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tv   [untitled]    August 11, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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sidewalk and are we going something >> we're expanding the sidewalk. >> is that part of your work. >> and harrison going both get extended. >> that's great to hear. thank you >> okay public comment at this point or is there more presentations. >> no more presentations. >> we'll open up public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> supervisor kim i'd like to forward this with positive recommendation to the full board i apologize we didn't push this forward that will be voted on accepted 2. >> and a second reading on september 2nd so the motion to support in with
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recommendation we'll take that without objection. and madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. . then we are >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in landing a contract with the sfoifk is pretty champ but now with the opened contracting
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center visitors can get opportunity at the new state of the arc facility and attend workshops and receive one-on-one technical assistance and learner what you need to become a primary contractor or what information to be a subcontractor and a created bed public commission it will help people to assist people to compete for and performance open city contract a lot of small businesses do have the resources to loblth the opportunity so one of the things we wanted to do was provide ways to access contract >> access to the plans spiefkz and a data place basis ease contracting opportunity and funding or capital training.
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this is and other documents that needs to be submitted. to compete is a technical skill that it takes to win a scheduling for a popular to you can win a professional services job or how to put together a quote it's all those technical pieces. looking at the contracting assistance center is our touch point with we get the people to come and see the planning specks and later than about projects earlier is he get training so you're ready to go arrest hello engineering it has all the tools that a contractor small or large can come here. i can't say enough about the center it's a blessing. we do business all over the
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country and world and a place like the contractor center to identify the business in san francisco >> the reality is you need training and that's what the center is here to train and make you better qualified to go work with the city and county and to be successful at the end. >> that will give people the competitive edge e edge at receiving contracts with the city. >> we have krafshth services here that help you find out where you need to get the skills forbidding. >> i mean local businesses participation in city projects is a winning factor it helms
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help the business their local businesses they're paying savings and a property tax and payroll tax and normally adhere san franciscans so their bowing goods and services in san francisco it really helps the economy of san francisco grow so its not only a benefit to the project but to the city. the contractors center is 5 thomas melon circle in the bayview area open 8:30 to 5 welcom@p
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two serving. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we are definitely pioneers in airport world a world of >> nationally if not international and everyone is cop us this is the first where it all gap. >> i didn't think we would have a location at the airport. >> we've set the bar higher in consumer service experience. tell him about the operators and how you go go finding them and being in the city to being if the airport
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>> the first, we actually find the space and once we can what we would like to sit down we go to different neighborhoods in san francisco and get the people in charge to let us know they are having a process and excited to have important local operators in the airport. >> then we have to go-go through the competitive process they score the proposal and basically a lease is awarded to the recuperate. >> if they have not of a reached us a and picked out the china and the listen in essence he the service and figured out the uniform and memo design and everything is go. >> how long before f ask vendor to move floats process.
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>> it could take up to a year to go out to bid. >> i don't know if we know sdpaek what we signed up for but the airport a excited to have us here and they know we don't have the experience even taking out the trash there's a learning curb. >> then it happens. >> i here it's american people award-winning program. >> yes. we're proud of our awards altogether we've won 11 wards the latest one for the food and beverage program. >> like the oscars (laughter) and the professional world. >> tell me about the future of sf i although the leases are expiring in 2015 and we're hoping to bring more and newer xeptsz that are out